Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a radical, exciting, and easy addition to boost the excitement of a dull, monotonous birthday party? Look no further than Kurbside Gaming! We offer two unique mobile gaming trucks that will thrill your birthday boy or girl and guests. Each video game truck is spacious, exotic, and provides fun and entertainment for all your guests. With couches, giant HDTVs, and colorful lighting, Kurbside Gaming will leave no one disappointed. No need to go through the trouble of transporting a dozen or more kids to the arcade. Bring the arcade to you!

The party can play in smaller groups or all together, and we offer a free game coach to keep things running smoothly. From Wii Games and dancing to Xbox 360 and PS3, our mobile video game trucks offer something for kids with little video game experience to expert gamers. No child will feel left out with our video game coach to help every child participate! And don’t be concerned about the weather. Our delux gaming trucks are climate controlled, and every one will be comfortable, no matter the season.

With Kurbside Gaming, your child will have a birthday party he will never forget. And because of the convenience and affordability of the service, you will want them back next year too! Our gaming trucks are a win for partiers of all ages. If you are an adult gamer, we can ensure that with hundreds of games to chose from, you will have plentiful options to meet your needs. If you live anywhere in the Southeast Michigan area, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate! Try something new and exciting this year for your special person’s birthday party. We will make it an occasion to remember!