Corporate Events

Are you planning a convention, retreat, or a party for your business or corporation in the near future? Kurbside Gaming is the perfect way to encourage healthy competition and team work, and add excitement to your event! With over a hundred games to chose from, there are options for team members with all kinds of video game experience. We even provide our very own free gaming coach to help with less seasoned players! From Wii games and dancing to Xbox 360 and PS3, our gaming trucks offer variety for everyone’s preferences. The party can play in smaller groups or all together!

Our two spacious mobile video gaming trucks are loaded with couches, enormous HDTVs, and decorated like a real arcade. Your team will be impressed with the style and colorful led accent lighting throughout the trucks. And with our climate controlled trailer interior, no kind of weather will be a hindrance to the fun! Your guests will be comfortable, no matter the season.

You can use our mobile video gaming trucks as a celebration for a product launching, as a reward for your team’s success, or just as appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Booking us is fast and convenient, and having us at your event requires no prep time! After all the fun your team has enjoying our services, you will definitely want us back at your next corporate event. We are available for anyone in the Southeast Michigan area. Why not try something new and exciting at your future event? With Kurbside Gaming, your celebration will not be a bore!