If you are having a fundraiser for your school, church, or sports team, you are going to need a way of attracting crowds of people. Kurbside Gaming will do just that! Our two mobile video gaming trucks are designed to impress and entertain all your guests. Giant HDTVs, couches, and hundreds of games will keep everyone busy and comfortable. With so many games to choose from, our gaming trucks are capable of satisfying gamers of all ages and different amounts of experience.

We are here for anyone in the Southeast Michigan area, no matter the season! Both of our video gaming trucks are climate controlled for your guests’ contentment in all kinds of weather. The trailers are decorated to feel like a real arcade, and have colorful led accent lighting throughout. Each gaming truck is a spacious 30 feet-plenty of room to give everyone an opportunity to play. No amount of guests is too many. If you have too many guests to fit into the gaming trailer at once, don’t worry! Our professional staff can rotate players so that everyone gets a fair share of gaming.

Kurbside Gaming is sure to bring in an extra profit to your fundraiser! If you are concerned about prices taking away from the donations, don’t be. Our staff will be able to work something out with you. Our services will draw more people to your event, making your fundraiser a success! Hiring us is easy and convenient. With Kurbside Gaming, your fundrasier will be a day to remember. You will want us back next time!