Does your church or school have a special event coming up, and needs some additional excitement to add to the day? Kurbside Gaming is the perfect way to augment your picnic, ice cream social, team celebration, or use as a fundraising reward. We have two deluxe video gaming trucks, each 30′ long and loaded with giant HDTVs and couches. Colorful ambient led lighting throughout the gaming truck gives it an arcade feel!

Our luxury gaming trucks are climate controlled, so we can offer our services no matter the season. And don’t worry about the number of kids at your event; our professional staff can rotate your gamers so that every child gets a fair amount of fun! From Wii and dancing to Xbox 360 and PS3, our gaming trucks have everything you need to entertain all types of kids. We even have our own free gaming coach to help the games run smoothly and make sure that no child is left out. Games are of all difficulty levels, providing entertainment for kids with different amounts of video game experience.

Don’t let your celebration be a bore! Booking one of our mobile video gaming trucks is easy and affordable, and our video game trucks are both unique. If you’re not sure which gaming truck is more suitable for your event, just give us a call, and we would be happy to inform you of the possibilities! We are available for any event in the Southeast Michigan area. So try something new and exciting this year for your event! It will be entertaining for the kids, and low stress for you. You will want us back next year!